Editing, publishing, and impact: The Covid-19 paradigm

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  • April 7 at 12:30 PM (GMT +8)
    [Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei]
  • April 6 at 12:30 AM (EST)
    [New York]


For researchers in any discipline who want to publish their work.

Skills Gained:

  • Publishing in the COVID-19 paradigm
  • Understanding of the impact on academic publishing
  • Awareness of the research areas affected
  • Understand who is seeking research to publish

Platform: WeChat


Dr. Gareth Dyke, NJE senior editor

Dr. Dyke is a highly published researcher, educator and writer with a deep experience bridging publishing and academia. Dr. Dyke received his bachelor’s and PhD degrees from the University of BRISTOL (UK) AND BECAME A SENIOR LECTURER AT UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN (IRELAND) in 2007. Dr. Dyke has authored ca. 270 articles in peer-reviewed journals over the last 20 years in Scientific American, Science, Nature, as well as in leading journals in both Biology and Earth Sciences.

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