Journal Recommendation Service

Our Journal Recommendation Service in helping you throughout the publication process. Choosing the appropriate journal is crucial, cause making the wrong choice can often result in months and possibly years of wasted time waiting for an answer! Our journal selection secret is not only using Journal Finder but our years of experience also help you select the correct journal to maximize the chances of publication. Expedite the publishing process by allowing NJE to handle a variety of publication support tasks on your behalf. I need help

Our Process

  1. Scope and Aims
    Analyzing the scope of your manuscript and select journals that most closely match your aims.
  2. Obtain Evidence
    Run a systematic search to determine similar published findings. Previous publications in your subject area are evidence of the journal’s interest in your topic.
  3. Maximized Impact
    We determine the reputation and visibility of the journal. By evaluating your data and the target journal we can assess the feasibility of submission. We maximize the impact to save you time.

For this service, we need you to provide:

  • Prepared manuscript
  • Desired impact factor (IF) (optional)

And NJE will provide:

  • Journal Selection
  • Target Journal Formattingalso
  • Journal Submission

Our journal selection specialists consider the following when finding your suitable journal :

  • What is the scope of the journal?
  • Does the journal publish only original research?
  • What is the impact factor (IF)?
  • What is the average citation index of material published in the journal?
  • Who is the readership?
  • What are the circulation figures?
  • Is there a publication cost?

Through this service, you will receive a shortlist of 4 to 5 journals best suited for your data and requirements. why wait? Get start today.