English Editing

For your essays, papers, assignments, reports, thesis, dissertations, cover letter for journal submission or any other academic document.

The NJE team provides English editing services for a wide array of disciplines. Whether your target is to gain international recognition or submit a business proposal, the technical expertise, specialization and years of experience make NJE the right choice for your editing needs. You can feel secure that after the NJE team is finished editing your document, it will be ready for your submission. Submit your project!

  • Your document is proofread to eliminate all English language errors.
  • Your document will have an improved style.
  • Your document will have improved clarity and sentence structure.
  • Your document will follow a widely used referencing style: MLAAPA, Harvard, or the MHRA system.

Our Process

Step 1: You submit your document

Step 2: We assign a specialized English Editor

Step 3: We assign a second editor and Proofread the Draft

Step 4: We deliver the edited document

Submit your Academic Work

  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Literature Review
  • Assignment
  • Article
  • Essay
  • Scientific Paper
  • Research Paper
  • University Application
  • Journal Article
  • Report