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While every English editing platform offers proofreading services, most lack the necessary academic journal knowledge to provide comprehensive, manuscript editing services. In fact, NJE is different. Our scientific editors have worked with thousands of academics in hundreds of fields, so we know precisely what improvements a scientific manuscript needs to improve the chances of publication.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Does your paper follow standard practices regarding the use of abbreviations?
  • Is the reference style appropriate for the journal of your choice?
  • Does the journal require a structured abstract or a non-structured abstract?
  • What about word count limits?

With this and countless other questions in mind, your editor applies the subject area knowledge needed to correct any errors in syntax, punctuation, or spelling that could be disrupting the overall clarity and readability of your English manuscript.

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Experienced Editors

Without a doubt, higher education is based on
a culture of collaboration. That’s why we select the candidate that matches your manuscripts subject field. We don’t just deliver the skill and high standards to enhance your manuscript, we deliver years of experience.

Native English Speaker Editor

Native English Writers

You want to make sure the editor legitimately knows his or her stuff. A qualified editor should have a Ph.D. and academic publications, and a native English speaker. So ask for a qualified editor. Get the premium services and receive high-quality scientific editing every time.

Aim High on Scientific Work

To be published in a high ranking journal is serious work. You have the talent, the research, and the manuscript. But the time required to identify matching journals within an impact factor range, identify matching journals in a specific index, and identify matching journals that are fully open access is a different mountain to climb. That’s why our Journal Recommendation services will help you select the most appropriate journal for your article based on your topic, scope, impact, and goals without all the unnecessary sweat.

Expertise for Publication-Ready English

Truly, experience strengthens expertise. But don’t take it from us, read experts testimonials by highly decorated scientific authors.  Undoubtedly, it is our vast experience of academic editing that sets us apart from other English editing platforms, enabling you to obtain publication-ready English quickly and painlessly. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our manuscript editing services that we offer a free trial to all new customers. So find out how you can put us to the test, and obtain the right expert for your next manuscript.

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