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Each edited manuscript is an experience of twenty years.

Editing Services

Each edited manuscript of NJE is an experience of twenty years. NJE offers developmental editing. Twenty years has taught us the refinement of quality. We acquire experts from North America and Europe with specific medical and scientific knowledge specifically for this process. All editing is double reviewed, scrutinized and approved by a chief editor. Then specialized knowledge is applied to ensure the arguments and reasoning are accurate and internally consistent. We run this process twice before it goes out. Quality is imperative. Ask for NJE by name.


Excellence in translation is the definition of speed, cost savings, reliability, quality, and confidentiality.

Writing Coach

As your developmental editor (coach) we guide you through a deep revision of your manuscript, helping you to reshape it for clarity, flow, consistency and structure.

Journal Submission

Assess your manuscript, analyze all available criteria and deliver answers that maximize the chances of publication. NJE Journal Submission service is your personalized strategic solution for all your submissions.

Educational Services

Standard or customized seminars allow you to target only the writing objectives you require. Journals demand fluency, NJE will help you develop the scope to write and meet publication requirements.

Service. Experience. Quality.

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Quality Control & Confidentiality

Quality is rare. Why? Is it because international publication is too stringent?
The fact is simple, you need absolute attention to quality. Anything less is common editing.
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Scientific & Medical Publishing Consultancy

  1. American & European English specialists with a high degree of medical/scientific field knowledge
  2. Translation, editing and writing services
  3. Ever growing range of scientific and medical specialties

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